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    • Sink and vanity sales and installation
    • kitchen sanitary ware installation

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Located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Plomberie St-Luc specializes in the sale and installation of washbasins and vanities

Lavabo et Vanité | Vente et installation | Plomberie St-Luc à St-Jean

Embellish your bathroom

Washbasins can be used for decoration in various ways, playing on a variety of styles and materials. You will find the sink or washbasin you are looking for at our shop.


A wide choice of bathroom vanities In order to liven up your bathroom and enjoy more storage spaces, Plomberie St-Luc offers a wide selection of vanities. Keep your bathroom tidy with well-organized furniture and materials that will bring warmth and character. We offer a solution that will not only embellish your bathroom but also help you save space. In fact, we choose the ideal vanity according to your space and storage needs.

Well-designed installations

Lavabo et Vanité | Vente et installation | Plomberie St-Luc à St-Jean 2




We remain at your disposal and offer solutions that correspond to your needs. 

Lavabo et Vanité | Vente et installation | Plomberie St-Luc à St-Jean 3

Why choose Plomberie St-Luc

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. Hiring us is synonymous to having the guarantee of efficient and durable sanitary installations. With 67 years of experience, we can meet all your requirements. Moreover, our team of interior designers and plumbers will be pleased to advise you

Benefit from the guidance and advice of our team of professional consultants and plumbers.

We have been serving you for more than 67 years.


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